random thoughts

Sweet memories of Thanksgiving past

This morning I got up early (well ok, I’m always up early, but I went OUT early) to get my oil changed and asked our mechanic what maintenance I needed to do now my car has rolled over 100,000 miles. I figured I should start saving now and take care of it at the new year. The big ticket item was the timing belt, which, along with the other items, will put the bill up close to $1000. “Yikes! That will hit me right when I’m paying for Christmas and getting ready to take a hit for taxes! I thought to myself.”

As I was leaving the owner’s son walked me out and we got to talking about it and he asked me what year my car was. “Depends on the year, but some of them have a timing chain instead of a timing belt.”

He popped the hood, and sure enough. Mine has a timing chain.

“Merry Christmas to me!” I said.

Maintenance should run me about $150-200.

Whew! And thank you!


Gassed up on the way home, cleaned my windows–at least the important ones–inside and out, then came home and decided to make use of the far too nice and warm for November–especially this late in November–weather and clean out my car.

Got the Folex out and cleaned the seats, for which Scotch Guard offered little protection. Got the Clorox wipes out and cleaned the surfaces and many (but not all) the nook and crannies. Nook and crannies in cars are the literal WORST!

Now I’m ready for a short ride out for Thanksgiving dinner, I thought!

Then Shane reminded me we are taking the truck.

Ah well. My car is now ready for a little road trip I get to take to Bryce Canyon next week for work.


Now I’m off to pack up recipes and ingredients for the only two things I need to bring to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow: Stuffing and 1 pie.

I won’t know what to do with myself with so little to bring. (Besides be grateful, of course.)

Nor do I have any idea how much stuffing to make for 40 people. Many people do not eat stuffing. Will a 9×13 do? A crockpot full?

I guess we’ll see.

I’m spoiled by the “loaves and the fishes” type magic (written about here before) that always made Barbara’s family feasts turn out with just the right amount of food, even for 40 or 50+.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours wherever you are. May you have plenty of food and plenty of love enough to go around and then some. Thank you for reading my little random and oft rambling corner of the world wide web.

Post Edit: Despite this being the first year of the quantities being calculated by the inexperienced Next Generation, the “loaves and fishes” karma was strong, we ran out of nothing, and there were leftovers. Whew!