Dear Mom,

The special thing about a mom that you don’t realize until she’s gone is that your mom cares about things no one else cares about, simply because they matter to you. –me

Today I got to attend an important board meeting with a number of groups of important people who are vested in the care and keeping of firefighters in the state of Utah. As the group I work with presented their annual report, several projects our team has worked on were highlighted and my team and I were identified as “the secret sauce” in the work that is going forward to train said firefighters.

I love what I do. And I care about the work we do. And seeing our work recognized, at an especially crucial time (university politics-wise) was validating. Especially when one of the board members with whom I’ve work with closely came up afterwards and told the director of the organization I’m currently working with that he needed to whatever he needed to keep me.

Definitely something to write home to mom about.

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