Blue tortilla chips
Turquoise blue
Baby blue eyes
That bright baby blue eye shadow from the 70s
Robin egg blue
Vibrant blue skies ribboned with thin wispy clouds
Deep blue-grey stormy skies
Blue-green oceans
Sad blue
bleu cheese that I thought I didn’t like because of bad (Kraft) roquefort dressing
Bleu burger at Black Sheep Cafe
Blue healers
Blue veins
Azure blue
BYU blue
Crisp clean blue cotton sheets
Deep blue fast-running rivers
Iridescent blue
Purple-blue bruises
My favorite blue cotton shirt
Old blue jeans
Blue-light specials
Blinking blue connection from the router
Soft baby blue flannel blankets
The blue-hairs
Blue velvet
Baby blue on black velvet
Tardis Blue
The blues

One thought on “blue

  1. Don’t forget my blue favorites.
    Duchesne Elementary Blue
    Duchesne High School Blue
    BYU Blue
    Finland Blue
    Lakeview Elementary Blue

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