When I saw this prompt come across the wire right before I crashed into bed I thought “fall.” Of course I thought fall. It’s been a clear, warm, golden fall that lingered so long we almost thought it would last forever.

But today I looked again right before I crash into bed and I see the prompt is “seasons.” And my first thought is not even of the usual autumn, winter, spring, and summer.

It’s this.

There is a good reason that generally women don’t give birth well into their 50s.

We are too tired to chase two-year-olds around for extended periods of time.

Even the most delightful ones.

I remember being so tired when I was in my 20s. Well, late 20s, to be sure.

And I remember being so tired when I was in my 30s. Well, later 30s and early 40s to be sure.

But this is arthritic bone tired, which too shall pass.

And so, yeah. Tony Randall and Billy Joel can be dads well into their 60s. But as for me and my body, I’m glad to be grandma and not mom.

And blessings to all those women who are both!

[Day 191 of Ann Dee Ellis’ 8-Minute Memoir.]

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