thoughts and prayers

In the wake of the latest mass shooting–and indeed every heinous terrorist act or senseless tragedy to which we are almost becoming accustomed, it’s all the rage to decry “thoughts and prayers.”

I get it. Thoughts and prayers–much like faith–can feel empty without action. Devoid of any move towards progress. Doing at least something, if not all we can do.

But dismissing the power of thoughts and prayers with real intent is, in my mind, just as harmful as doing nothing.

I know the energy of good thoughts. The power of prayer is real. I have been lifted and carried by sincere thoughts and prayers. I’ve seen those I love lifted and carried as well. That power is tangible. And to dismiss it is rash and foolish.

Earnest thoughts and prayers can compel one to act on the behalf of another, even when one is so far removed from the location of a tragedy as to be powerless to affect the lives of those traumatized and bereaved.

To deprive a world of thoughts and prayers would only serve to bring greater imbalance between good and evil in the world. Just at a time we need the power for good more than ever.

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