he knows my name

Sometimes the effort of holding things together for other people requires more of you than you think you have and pressure of the weight of all the things for which you are responsible for at a given time and all the things you need to do in too short amount of time compresses and you start to feel the tiny cracks snaking along the seams.

Today is such a day. Our RS had a Super Saturday scheduled–one I wasn’t super excited to participate in until they added the service element. But I wasn’t going to go. I’m tired. And I have too much to do. And I’m trying to manage all that with a sweet sick 2yo who misses his parents terribly but who is being remarkably brave and resilient. In any case, my husband came home and insisted he would watch James so I would go over to the church for a little bit.

I dragged myself out of the car and across the parking lot and into the double doors of the church and the first person I saw was one of the counselors of the Relief Society.

“Dalene, I had a dream about you last night. Are you ok?”

The tiny cracks generally hold their own until met with compassion. And then they give way to someone willing to carry a part of the load for a bit.

“You did?”

She never really told me what happened in the dream, just that she was worried about me.

And she listened to me for a spell. And got it.

And my load was lightened.

And I knew–once again–that God knows my name.

And this too shall pass.

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