lost puppies. and a cat.

Awhile back I got a desperate message from someone I don’t know who–I’m still not sure how she found me or why she thought to ask me–asked me if we had a neighborhood Facebook page because she had lost her dog Coco and wanted me to post a photo and her contact info. I did as she asked, but there weren’t any bites.

A short time later I happened upon a post on our Relief Society Facebook page with the photo of a cute little chihuahua (to be honest, I do not love chihuahuas, but I realize dogs are like family, so I’m trying to be generous) that had wandered into someone’s backyard. They were looking for the owners.

I messaged the owner and told her it appeared her dog was in our neighborhood and texted my friend the owner’s contact info and later got a message from a very grateful dog owner reunited with her baby.

Literally the very next day, I was tagged in a post by someone else in our neighborhood in response to another neighbor’s post about a found chihuahua. (What are the odds?) The commenter tagged me because she thought it was the same dog.

I messaged the first found chihuahua’s owner to make see if perhaps Coco had run off. She hadn’t. But then I happened across another post by someone I didn’t initially realize I knew (but later found out I did–AJ grew up just down the street from us) who had lost her chihuahua, Gia. I texted that number and got an immediate call back from AJ, who she was distraught about losing her dog. I quickly messaged the woman with the dog to ask her to please keep the dog safe and then told AJ where to find her.

Gia and AJ were happily reunited and I got a gracious and grateful text from AJ thanking me for finding her dog.

(In my mind, I’ve not been the finder, just the communicator bringing the right people together. But I guess the end result is the same.)

In late September I was in Washington D.C. for work. It was late there, when I got a desperate text from another friend who grew up on our street and who has been living with her mother while they’ve been remodeling their first house. She happened to have just arrived in London and had realized that in leaving instructions with her sister for their kids, they overlooked leaving instructions for their cat, who apparently then ran off.

Fortunately though it was late in London and in D.C., it was a decent hour in Provo. So I texted my husband a photo of the missing kitty and instructions where to take her should he find her. Then I turned to our faithful R.S. Facebook page and posted the photo. Before too long I was tagged in a comment on that post and referred to an earlier post I had missed–being across most of the country and two time zones away–in which I was also tagged and eventually we pieced together the cat’s wanderings throughout the day and Shane went down and found the sweet kitty and reunited it with our friend’s twin brother.

Finding AWOL chihuahuas or your kitty in Provo from D.C. is apparently my new superpower.

j/k. But maybe I should open a side business psychically reuniting pets and their owners. 😉