graham crackers

Let’s talk about s’mores.

I don’t love s’mores.

It’s not about the marshmallow. Melty marshmallows are good. In fact, just the other day I ordered a roasted marshmallow shake from a burger joint in the Regan National Airport in D.C. and it was so yum.

It may or may not be about the chocolate. Depending on whether you splurge to purchase chocolate with a decent percentage of cacao and real, not artificial ingredients. Hashtag, just say no to Hershey’s.

But what it’s really about are the graham crackers. While a veritable HoneyMaid can be delicious dunked in milk, it offers nothing to the s’more. And the cheaper Keebler graham cracker is contributes even less.

Keebler does, however, redeem itself, by providing the perfect alternative.

Fudge-striped cookies.

Those are the perfect foundation for a good s’more. Just make sure you don’t set your marshmallow on fire.


As a side note–among the many clues I note wherein inflation is killing the modern family right in the bank balance, the price of graham crackers is one. You used to be able to buy two boxes of graham crackers (and boxes were much larger back then mind you) for $5 on sale at Macey’s on a regular basis.

Those days are long gone.


You know what calls for a good crushed HoneyMaid graham cracker stirred with a touch of sugar and a generous amount of butter? Not my sour cream lemon pie, which is more perfectly paired with ginger snaps. But a homemade from scratch (because going to that much effort bears repeating) cheesecake.

I used to skip the baking the graham cracker crust in the oven because whoever has the patience to let it cool? But then I discovered the science of caramelization and those extra 15-20 minutes are so worth it.

So yes, graham crackers.

[Day 173 of Ann Dee Ellis’ 8-Minute Memoir.]