What job would I love to try just for a few weeks?


In my other life I’m a wildlife biologist. Or a microbiologist. Or a marine biologist. Or a project manager. Or someone who gets to travel all over the world and see all the things and meet all the people and try all the foods.

But a couple of years ago when one of my best friends’s husband was deployed to South Korea and I wanted to help her and what she needed most was a ride to Disneyland, I discovered this wonderful place called Center Street Cheese Shop and I ate things I don’t like and savored them simply because they were perfectly paired with just the right cheese and I ate cheese made from the milk of water buffalo and it was divine and I thought how much fun it would be to combine my love of cheese with my love of a good food truck and go wherever one goes (because it certainly is somewhere other than Provo and even Utah, which both have a shocking lack of cheese boards) to become trained on cheese pairing and buy and fix up a little old food truck (one with character!) and sell cheese boards and well as actual cuts and blocks of cheese from Provo’s very own Center Street!

The thing is, I wouldn’t have to do it all day. Most people don’t crave a fine cheese first thing in the morning. So we could open for lunch and close down in the evening and wouldn’t that just be the most fun?!

I think so.

Because who (besides the lactose intolerant) doesn’t love a good cheese?

[Day 171 of Ann Dee Ellis’ 8-Minute Memoir.]