good to bad, bad to good

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I’m glad we have options here, because I’m a bad-news-first kind of gal and writing about good to bad would just drag me down (I’m already down), so I’m going with bad to good.

It’s the little things, really. A smile. A listening ear. A funny joke. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be a good joke. When I’m down even a weak attempt at humor will make me smile. A terrible pun will make me smile even more.

When I was a little girl and had had my heart broken–even when I was an older girl and had my heart broken–my dad would tell me “The sun will come out tomorrow.” And it didn’t even necessarily have to come out. Knowing that it would at least come up, even if it stayed behind the clouds all day was enough. It was hope enough. Knowing that my dad cared even when he couldn’t (or wouldn’t–there is wisdom and learning in not fixing things for those who need to learn to fix things themselves) was enough.

I’m grateful that I had the sense to let that kind of love in.

Words are agents of change. They wield real and palpable power.

Words wound.

Words heal.

Hateful, angry, ungrateful words take things from good to bad.

Kind, gracious, appreciative words can take things from bad to good. If only we have the courage to utter them. If only we have the courage to hear them for what they are. If only we have the courage to let truth and love in.

A warm, heartfelt hug. There is power in that too.

And that’s how even when you can’t (or won’t) change circumstances, you can soften and heal wounded hearts. You can turn a frown to a smile. Tears to laughter. Bad to good.

[Day 141 of Ann Dee Ellis’ 8-Minute Memoir.]

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