things you’d like to throw away

sticky rice I only use this once or twice a year, but the luxury of having sticky rice with mango on demand even rarely makes it so worth the space it takes up. As long as mangos are in season.

Stuff is stiffling me. We have too much stuff. In January I took a decluttering challenge from some Internet expert with an Australian (?) or some other accent and I did pretty well on the days I was in town. But it seems to me like stuff is like some viscous something or other and as soon as you scoop it from one corner it oozes back in through another.

Here’s the short list of things I’d like to keep:
Family photos
Kitchen tools
Comfy sofas
All the nice sofas
Food storage

Here’s the stuff I’d like to throw away:
All the paper trails of anything over a year old (except for taxes, which I need to go back 7 years)
Anything not worn in the past 3 years
Anything unmatched, unmated, broken, rusty, or in disrepair

Other stuff I don’t want to throw away, but I need converted or returned to the people to whom it belongs:
Photographs and memories (letters, memorabilia, etc.) The truth is if we don’t have time to go through it, our kids certainly won’t. I want it all scanned and organized into a digital library where people can access it easily but it doesn’t take up space.
Stuff that doesn’t belong to anyone who lives here.

Things I’d like to toss off my shoulders and/or out of my head:
Responsibility for things outside of my control
Guilt for things that are not my own
Hateful and hurtful words and deeds
Embarrassment and humiliation
A general funk and malaise that seems to appear now and then and tarry

[Day 120 of Ann Dee Ellis’ 8-Minute Memoir.]

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