Things you save

This isn’t even good ice cream, but oh how I miss that HALF GALLON in all caps at the bottom of the carton.

I like to save money. In fact, I even like to save other people’s money. When I was traveling for work (that’s funny, because I just got back from Cedar City where I found out I have to turn around and go back to Cedar City tomorrow before heading down to St. George. For some reason, unless I have to also board a plane, I no longer consider it travel) I went to great lengths to get a good deal on hotels and plane fare and rentals even though those expenses would ultimately be paid for by the federal government entity for which we were working (and, as we all know, the federal government is not exactly known for being thrifty).

One time I left polite feedback for a hotel that was not very clean (I have a little thing about seeing visual reminders that someone lived/slept there before me) and the hotel gave me $30 off my room. Which I promptly passed on to my employer.

I loathe finding out something went on sale the month after I bought it (looking at you, Suave Body Wash, for which Costco ran a rebate in their next month’s flyer). I love stores that let you double or triple up on savings (item on sale, plus 20% off sale, plus an additional $10 off your $50 purchase). I am still mad about that time nearly all ice cream labels (brands, they are not, in fact recording studios) cut the half gallon down to 1 3/4 quarts, which is now even smaller. They were not even subtle or apologetic about it.

I’m pretty sure the extinction of the half gallon of ice cream is right up there with my concerns about the bald eagle, wolves, tigers, giant pandas and manatees–all which have made remarkable and beautiful comebacks. Because we all know the half gallon is never coming back and as far as our grandchildren are concerned it will be right up there with unicorns and the dodo.

In any case. I just realized I forgot to set my 8-minute times, so apparently I’m not as concerned about saving time as I am about saving money. And yet it is true I have come to appreciate the value of time over money (within reason) and, in an uncharacteristic move, have, since I started working full time, become in the habit of seeing the doctors at instacare for some things rather than trying to fit in a doctor’s appointment during my office hours, even though the copay is $10 more. That is a really awkward sentence, making one thing entirely clear. Timer or no timer. This writing prompt is over.

That said, I’m all of a sudden curious. If anyone happens to read this post (admittedly not my best work), tell me the best deal (in other words, the most money you saved) when buying something you either really wanted or really needed. Like that time you really had to buy something now and couldn’t wait for it to go on sale,* but through some miracle, you got a really good deal on it and came away relieved and happy. Go!

*Like how I really need a new pair of Birkenstocks right this minute but I do not want to pay full price.

[Day 96 of Ann Dee Ellis’ 8-Minute Memoir.]