hobbies we don’t do anymore

Back in the days before Pinterest fails and just as Martha Stewart was rising to fame we used to paint wood crafts.

Three orange carrots on a wire tied with rafia.

Oh how we loved our rafia.

A cute 2-foot tall Halloween “gate” complete with whisker-faced black cats, ghosts, and a witch.

Pastel easter bunnies and eggs with stripes and splatters and dots.

“You paint like Julie Child cooks,” accused one of my good friends, Lisa Thomas, who was one of the queens of woodcraft.

Apparently my art is messy.

All the serious wood painters had their own jigsaws, but the rest of us had to commission them to cut for us.

And then our babies, who weren’t much good at napping anyway got bigger. And we got busier. And our homes got too much stuff. (I’m pretty sure I still have all of the above mentioned items tucked away in plastic totes in my two-car garage in which I cannot park a single car for all the stuff.

And we weren’t just too busy to paint stuff. We were too busy to remember to switch out the rustic pink hearts for the easter eggs and the ghosts for snowmen (which is fine, really, because their wasn’t much of a difference).


Eventually I started appliquéing pink and red hearts and pink and purple flowers (and yo-yo bunny tails) and rustic pumpkins and fluffy round snowmen. At least a seasonal quilt will keep my toes warm during the zombie apocalypse.

Although, now that I think about it. Those wood crafts buried in my garage will make good firewood someday.

[Day 84 of Ann Dee Ellis’ 8-Minute Memoir.]