Maybe I’m doing this writing thing all wrong. “No one is going to read it,” Ann says, but I’m posting my responses to these prompts on my blog which at least two people read (thank you!) and it’s still a little scary.

Creative treasures that will require time and work and patience. The easy thing is I do want to pursue two art forms–one I haven’t dabbled in since high school: stained glass. The other is something I enjoy but more or less gave up when I started working full time: quilting.

A local shop that is in itself a treasure, “here” Provo, offers stained glass classes now and then. My daughter has been wanting to learn and I’ve been wanting to pick up the soldering iron again, so it’s something I’m keeping my eye on. 2017 might be the year.

This past week I moved my quilting table and sewing machine up to our next guest room/toy room/quilt room (can those things be compatible and exist together in a tiny space? I sure hope so!) that became available when our youngest moved to a bigger (and quieter) bedroom in the basement.

Here’s the thing. While they will both require some time and effort, I don’t foresee either of them to be particularly challening. I quilted for quite a few years before giving it up. It’s got to be like riding a bike, no? And the stained glass work I have in mind will be simple pieces that shouldn’t (I hope!) challenge me too much. There’s not really any risk involved.

The other creative impulse that has been beckoning to me for a couple of years now is the one I fear. And it would require the most effort and patience and hard work.

Simply put, I’ve fallen in love with light and color and texture and there is a deep part of me that yearns to be able to capture what I see and love about the world around me and share it.

The iPhone has been my safe zone, the easy button.

But I’d like to kick it up a notch and return to something I also once dabbled in in high school – photography. I want to let go of my fear of manual settings (with the exception of auto focus, as my eyesight makes it difficult for me to see what I’m looking at) and have some fun with a real camera. Maybe even give film a go again.

I’m not sure I can commit myself to say 2017 is the year. But maybe it will.

We’ll see.

[Day 59 of Ann Dee Ellis’ 8-Minute Memoir.]

2 thoughts on “treasures

  1. I feel lucky to get to read your voice. It is scary to know strangers are reading your deep feelings. That is why I comment. If you stretch your hand out I will at least acknowledge that I see it, as a witness. Go for that desire to capture light. I am astounded at the pictures I’ve captured simply because I am aware of the opportunity. My favorite spot to see a sunrise is hallowed ground.

    • I’ve wanted to come back to this for some time and tell you what it means to me that you read here and that you are willing to acknowledge–to witness. As we both know, it is not just my hand. It is my heart. Thank you for your kindness.

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