Throwback Tuesday

As I was searching my brain for a prompt today I started clicking through old Facebook photos I’ve been tagged in and found a few blasts from my past. I figured that might provide good inspiration, or, if nothing else, proof that the awkward girl I wrote about yesterday made it through high school and even managed to not get hit by a bus on her mission.

Primary days

One of the fun things about Facebook is reconnecting to my past. My long past past. This was posted by a girl who friended me through one of our mutual friends (who I happened to reconnect with simply by chance but also via Facebook). I am second from left on the bottom row in the completely mismatched pale blue dress with the bright red tights. Tamie messaged me after friending me on Facebook to tell about a shy 10-year-old moved to a new town and was so grateful when a not shy (that would be me) 10-year-old made her feel welcome in her new church congregation. I love that such a simple act of which I was likely not even conscious is still remembered and appreciated to this day. It reminds me to be careful of everyone, everywhere, and every time. We have a power to love, ignore, or wound. I want with all my heart to be one who loves.

Senior trip to Seaside Oregon

For most of my life I’ve been a bit of a misfit. Friends with all kinds of people, but not quite fitting in entirely anywhere. This was no exception. In addition to being the designated driver, I (third from the left in the back row)was the not-quite cool kid invited to sit at the cool table. Don’t get me wrong–it was no one’s fault and these girls were always kind and inclusive. I just didn’t entirely fit. But they let me tag along drive for the senior trip (and my parents let me go–which was huge!) and were kind enough to make me virgin daiquiris before adding the rum. And then I went away to university and lost touch for nearly 30 years and again, Facebook has provided a way to reconnect.

Dem bones – Liege Natural History Museum

The world has enough mission stories for the eternities, but once again it’s the story of lives intersecting in a significant way and then complete separation for over 20 years and then boom, Facebook. And friends reconnecting, memories coming into focus, and in my book that’s a good thing!

NaBloPoMo November 2016