Yesterday I learned (among other things) that power posing actually reduces cortisol and increases testosterone (which, you wouldn’t really think a woman needs, but we do), doing legs up the wall for 2-5 minutes at night over several months has been show to boost your immune system significantly, and mindfully thinking of just three things you are thankful for at the end of each day can improve your life in the following ways:

more optimistic, energetic, enthusiastic, determined, interested and joyful

better immune response, more sleep, more exercise, reduced stress, longevity

more organized, less cluttered environments, think more clearly, make more progress towards goals

less envious, higher resilience, less materialistic

I’ve heard some of this before, of course, but some of it was new and some of the specifics were surprising.

So here are a few things that made my happy this week:

The other day at work I was showing a couple of coworkers video the kids sent of James, who while he had been taking a few steps here and there, suddenly decided walking is a pretty great mode of getting from point A and point B and has just taken off. I was thinking how I hadn’t seen him for a few days and how fun it would be for him to visit me at work sometime.

Just a couple of hours later I recognized some voices I know and love and peeked around my cubicle to find Luke and Emily and this sweet boy! He cruised across my office floor and met my coworkers and went up and down the long stairs a couple of times and was just delightful. Their visit totally made my day!


Over the past few years I have started paying closer attention to light. I love the effects of natural light, particularly as the sun comes up and again when it is about to set. This week I coined a new term: sunsetshine. The sunsetshine on the Wasatch mountains is regularly stunning, particularly before or after a storm. The other day I (once again–I do this far too often) had to turn around on my way home and go back to try to capture the sunsetshine on the abandoned pumpkins I drive past twice a day.


Finally, so many things–the way the biting wind blew clean the air when winter teased us a little for the first time this season. The Obama/Joe memes trying to pull us out of our respective anger and fears and make us smile just a little. Puns. Puns always make me smile. An all-clear report–an answer to many prayers–from a friend’s biopsy we’ve been agonizing over. Kindnesses–a smile, an encouraging word, sincere appreciation. Simple kindnesses always get me right in the heart. Often they linger awhile, warming my soul.

NaBloPoMo November 2016

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  1. Sunsetshine is a wonderful word. I have more sunriseshine as I am on the east side of my island but I find the light so nourishing. Your grandson’s visit made me smile.

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