While I do enjoy getting lost in a good book, I also like to indulge in a good crime drama or two. Growing up, we got up early and worked hard during the day and would gather around and unwind together with a few television shows we enjoyed. In particular I remember watching CHIPS, Quincy M.E., and the Rockford Files.

As an adult, for the longest time I didn’t watch TV, aside from Star Trek. Once I had kids, the TV was usually on–generally on PBS–but we didn’t so much gather round.

Aside from a time when we were a trial home for Provo’s high speed Internet fiber and got it for free, we have never subscribed to cable. Which meant when we went on vacation a rare time or too, the hotel room TV was a magnet.

Marathons are the worst. The first hotel cable TV marathon I recall was a weekend of Mythbusters. I don’t remember where we were or why we were staying in a hotel (until last year’s work travel, hotels have always been a novelty).

I do remember one time during a family reunion in Lake Tahoe, it was a NCIS marathon. And we did all gather round for that when we were back at the condo. I was hooked.

Eventually I got all mostly caught up and I still watch NCIS. Now there are three!

And yes, Netflix. Netflix comes in handy when you are sick in bed or otherwise laid up, and over the summer when your regularly scheduled programming is on hiatus. I still recall the summer I was so unexpectedly taken with The West Wing.

Well written and executed TV and movies are, in my mind, just a more visual form of fiction. What I love most about fiction I learned in reading Reading Lolita in Tehran. It can teach empathy beyond what is possible within the bounds of our own reality. “What we search for in fiction is not so much reality but the epiphany of truth.”

It’s different now, watching on the laptop instead of gathered around the TV as a family. Those of us who do watch TV all watch different things. But it’s a nice distraction from my own worries once in awhile. And sometimes can be quite cathartic. One Word (that sounds like two): Broadchurch

[Day 28 of Ann Dee Ellis’ 8-Minute Memoir.]

[Post edit – Two side notes: 1. One of my favorite characters in NCIS is Abby Scuito. I’m more than a little thrilled that a couple of coworkers from both my prior and current jobs tell me I’m the company “Abby.” 2. Because I am a fangirl, my friend and colleague drove me past the Naval Academy in Annapolis during one of the four weeks we worked together in D.C. last year. It was awesome! Also, a former NCIS agent was just hired as faculty in the forensics department of our college (the College of Aviation and Public Services) at UVU. I got to meet her and have talked with her a couple of times. It was awesome!]