Hair today, gone tomorrow

As at least strongly hinted at in my previous post, here is the photo gallery of just how much I don’t worry about hair.


(not pictured – that time Zack got a mullet and one of the counselors in the bishopric didn’t recognize him and was wondering what stranger I was letting rest his head on my shoulder during church)

shave – there is a good story about this one. maybe i’ll write about it someday.


blue/grey (also, one of my favorite. but blue is so fickle)

not pictured – red, which is also rather fickle

also not pictured:
numerous shades of Kool-aid, which are anything but fickle
at least a couple of rats’ tails, male and female
a number of manbuns and manbraids
2nd boy with serious–even superior–manbun

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