Love story

Jeff and Melody

Once upon a time through the miracle that is summer vacations at your aunt’s house in Wisconsin, a boy fell in love with a girl. And she fell in deep friendship with him. But he was so in love he actually laminated her wallet-sized school picture and carried it around in his wallet for ages.

Their lives moved apart fall after fall and then back together summer after summer until they grew up and married other people and went their separate ways.

Those separate ways were full of beauty and full of joy, but also fraught with trials and sadness and loneliness and divorce and single parenthood.

Then one day, the now grown-man was moving some boxes in his garage. One box flapped open and there was that laminated wallet-sized school photo of his first love.

And he thought to himself, in this day of the Internets, maybe I should find this girl.

And so he did.

I still remember the first time I met Jeff. He was walking up the stairs as they came to pick up Melody’s granddaughter, who ended up at my house when her little brother ended up in the emergency room with a broken arm. Jeff’s whole being exuded kindness. Right then and there my heart silently consented for him to marry one of my best friends.

Long story short, just last month, Melody and Jeff got married. And they are just getting started putting the happy in happily ever after.

And I think that’s the point. This mortal life is fraught with trials. We tell each other – particularly people who are alone – to just hang on, everything will work out in the next life (and it will – I know it!). But isn’t it so beautiful and so hopeful to know that sometimes you don’t have to wait until the next life?

2 thoughts on “Love story

  1. My dear friend, you make my life (our life – Jeff just read this aloud as a bedtime story) so very beautiful and so warm. I (we) cherish your gift for words and your ability to tell the story of Life with wit and wisdom and reverence for all the good and bad bits. I love you dearly. Jeff says, “I don’t know what to say . . . except maybe, “Dalene I want to hug you.””

    You bloom for us in your words – even in the fall. How very lovely you are. Thank you.

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