2013 – year in review

1525415_10152520083083065_1927935255_nFarewell 2013

Wow. My first thought looking back is that 2013 is the year that tried to chew me up big time. But I bit back, chewed on it for awhile, chewed it up and spit the bitter parts right back out. When I savor what’s left, these are some of the top notes:

luke and emily
Our first wedding. I never once looked at it as losing a son. I gained a beautiful, gentle, kind-hearted, hard-working daughter. Welcoming Emily into our family is a pleasure and a joy.

#Ihatecancer. I won’t pretend I’m not mad as h377 or that this isn’t one of the most bitter parts of 2013. But if I am to be honest I must also say that the courageous battles my mother-in-law, my mother, several friends, and now my mother again have waged/are waging against this brutal disease have left me gut-punched also by tenderness, love, faith and peace. And it has not tarnished – it will not tarnish – my hope. Now as I look deeper, I realize some of my most sacred moments have occurred as I have been witness to some of the darkest moments of this war. Still chewing on that.

Closing the store is the brave thing to do. (Name that film!) I did something wild and crazy this year and walked away from something I knew well. Something comfortable and secure. From people I loved and who loved me right back. And took up, of all things, rocket science. Aerodynamics. Physics. Managerial Accounting. You name it. The girl who is afraid of flying stretched out her wings and reached for the sky. Yes – I still have much to learn. But I have made new friends, learned so much, and discovered what can happen when you dare to dream.

fam damily
Returned to the sea. One of the best things we did this year was rent a bright red brand new minivan, pile in all the kids, and head to the Northwest. It was the best of times. I need to stick my toes in the sand and let the wind whip salt-water spray across my face more often.

Salt Lake Comic Con. I got a golden ticket. Braved the crowd. Went with a new friend from my new job. And had the time of my life. Geeks are some of the friendliest people on the planet and my favorite part was chatting up strangers from Frontrunner to Trax to Comic Con and right back home again. Oh, and Q. And Barclay. And a Wookiee.

crows on tress
Provo River Trail.
Trees – from bursting with blossoms, to casting dappled shade on green grass, to dropping brilliant reds and yellows for me feet to crunch crunch crunch, to stark black branches against bare sky.
The constant, reassuring presence of Mt. Timpanogos.
Violent storm.
Peaceful, calming, quiet blankets of snow.

It does not get any better than that.

The entire year was made brighter and better by the love, laughter, and living life to the fullest with family and friends. Love and hugs to each and every one of you!

Welcome 2014. Bring it!

13 thoughts on “2013 – year in review

  1. I love your 2013, except for the cancer. I hope 2014 is good to all of us and most of all, I selfishly hope I get to see you a lot more often. Love you! Happy New Year to one of the dearest friends I have! xoxo

    • Lindsey – I feel the same about you. You are one of my dearest, too. And yes. I second your hopes for 2014 and also join you in selfishly wishing to see you more in twenty-oh-four, too! Love you loads!

    • My dear Kel – I hope you know you were a big part of the FRIENDS who made my year better and brighter. Thanks for sharing your love, life, and laughter with me. xoxoxo

  2. Perfect. Lovely. And thank you for helping me remember the word “dapled.” The beauty of the word, and of the concept. Love this. Love you. Happy 2014, Dalene!

  3. Love this and you too Da! (Cancer excluded) I pray for your family and friends affected by this horrible disease. Continue to spread your wings and fly like an eagle. Happy New Year!

    • Thank you for your love and prayers, Linda. Please know you are one of those I miss the most from BuLu. Happy New Year to you and yours! Love you–

  4. I love you. Cancer is a beast. I’m sorry you’ve had to see it affect people you love. I’m working on a re-cap post, too. We’ll see how/if it ever comes together.

    • It is an ugly beast, Maria. I enjoyed your recap, too. Look forward to discussing more sometime. As for me and mine, we think you’re fabulous. Happy New Year!

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