On the night when it rained stars

Some headline or another I just saw reminded me of a time when I was a teenager. Our congregation used to have an annual campout and my family would always go. It was not unusual for all the older teenagers and young adults to gather in the middle of the opening in the trees to hang out, tell stories, and play games before sleeping out under the stars.

One year I remember we stayed up most of the night staring at the sky, which appeared to be falling. I recall maybe having seen one or two “shooting stars” in my entire lifetime, but here they were falling from the sky right and left. We’d never seen anything like it. Looking back now, I’m sure it was a meteor shower–perhaps the Leonid meteor shower. But that was back in the day when we had no 24-7 news cycle in all places and in all times to inform us of such events. While we were definitely in awe, some of us were also a little freaked out thinking it was the end of time.

In any case, it was a night to remember for sure. And now I do.