Going home

You can take the girl out of the Pacific Northwest but you can’t (nor should you ever) take the Pacific Northwest out of the girl. Heading to Puget family to gather with my Dad’s siblings and their families this week. Blogging from my iPhone is not ideal, but it is a luxury and an opportunity to note a few favorites I don’t want to forget. If seeing is believing for you, you may want to find me on Instagram (dalenerowley).

My favorite things:

Slick red rental, Dodge’s Stow-And-Go, jacks/USB ports/cup holders for everyone, DVD player, double Red Box codes

Nature’s flatlining in Idaho, farm country, “Snake” (river that is, winding its way)

Baby brother and fam, excellent hosts who think of everything and roll with it when we impose on them more than we intended (after all, we are a party of 7), Zack–I like your beard, first road trip with our new daughter (love ya–Emily!), Shane making Basin connections with the bright, funny and adorable Tressa Gilbert, home movies, poofy hair and baby doll dresses on toddler sisters, bran muffins

low tires, more Red Box codes, husband who listened and pulled off in LeGrande, son who found the nail in the tire, wonderful team at Les Schwab who got us on our way in no time, breath duly taken by seeing the trees through the forests, tree farm, wind farms, Oregon Trail, Columbia River Gorge, wildflowers, wildfires, twin spotted fawns, yet another favorite brother, the shed/cabin, Pine Hollow, Hunger Games, reading perch, tree climbers, Aspen Alley, Witches Burn (?), imagination, Gator ride, Mexican food, Klickitat, wildlife, Multnomah Falls, Bailey, Friday Night Lights (and sirens and sleep

p.s. Tardis port-a-potty¬†– it’a not bigger on the inside.