The perfect thing to say

I have been most blessed to have a few people in my life who generally know the perfect thing to say. This week in particular, two such people touched my heart in perfect and loving ways that I don’t want to ever forget.

Exhibit 1:

Me to a close friend:  Thanks for knowing me and loving me anyway.

Friend: ¬†Not “anyway.” I love you because.


Exhibit 2 (aka Card Writing 101):

Birthday card from my sweet brother Keith

Actually, when I showed it to my kids (telling them, of course, to “watch and learn”), Zack pointed out that this is a little more upper division than 101, probably at least 303.

“This” is a gorgeous scarf my little brother has spent the past three months knitting for me for my birthday. Knowing that my kid brother spent the past three months putting all kinds of love into such a lovely gift from the heart–via his time and labor–warms my heart more than my mere words can say.

I want to wear this every day for the rest of my life. The photo doesn’t do it justice. If I see you, chances are I will ask you if you want to feel how soft it is, because the yarn is heavenly.

5 thoughts on “The perfect thing to say

  1. What an incredible little brother you have. Such a blessing. And I do want to touch the scarf.

  2. I agree. He has the kindest and most generous heart and is also quite talented. This time last year he was working furiously on a beautiful Hogwarts sweater for his son. Knitting my scarf was a double sacrifice for my brother this year, as he knits my nephew something every Christmas and now has precious little time to create something wonderful for that this year.

  3. That note from your brother may be one the sweetst things I’ve ever read! I’m busy trying to teach my girls (5 and 7) the art of note writing. I hope they get it!

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