Baby Jesus

Today I’ve been thinking about Christmas. I felt it just a little bit this morning when I saw some photos my friend Cabesh posted. I tried to listen to my Christmas music at work, but I can’t quite get into it yet. I blame the weather. It’s unseasonably warm and for some reason I need snow.

But that’s not really it.

Tonight we gathered as a Relief Society to share a few Christmas stories. The room was beautifully decorated with giant snowflakes. There were giant ginger cookies on the refreshment table. But what I loved most (aside from one of the most beautiful prayers I have ever heard offered) were the stories. One of our sisters prepared a slide show about her childhood Christmases in Venezuela. She shared photos and descriptions of the food, the music and the activities. What struck me most was that it wasn’t about Santa. She never mentioned gifts. It was all about family and friends. In nearly every frame I heard her say the words “Baby Jesus.” Aside from the food, nearly every tradition centered around Baby Jesus.

As I reveled in moment, appreciating the warmth and love I always feel when I am gathered with these my beloved sisters, I knew what it was that was missing.

And I knew what I needed to do to find it.

Please bless I can pull myself away from the duties and also the distractions of my life to seek Him.

A memory from Christmas past. Kyle as a reluctant Joseph.