Thanksgiving Day After

This wasn’t quite our first Thanksgiving all together again after four years, but almost. Five of the six of us gathered together with some 40+ of our closest kin at the family hogan in Duchesne.

This is a glimpse of the buffet line around the counter/bar int he kitchen after the little kids went through.

Zack said that Thanksgiving in Duchesne was the only thing that made him remotely homesick while he was in England, so we made sure not to miss it his first year back.

The cousins are the bestest part.

We love those who come. And miss the ones that don’t make it in any given year.

What I love most are the traditions:

The drive to the mountain for those who aren’t needed in the kitchen.

Going around the tables to give thanks (many thanks for pie).

Little kids playing downstairs.

Older kids playing games and watching a movie at Uncle Rodney’s.

A few of the oldest kids creating Christmas gift lists while browsing the Black Friday ads. (This year most of them opted for sleep instead of shopping.)

And I remembered Thanksgivings past:

Like the one where I was so excited my aunt and uncle were coming from California, only to wake up to learn that they had to stop on the way and give birth to my cousin Jami.

How in the olden days we used to thaw the turkey on the counter.

The ones where there was wheat bread in the Harvest Stuffing or potatoes in the steamed carrot pudding.

Wanting to invite anyone and everyone who didn’t have a place to go for Thanksgiving Dinner to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving. But generally limiting it to just one or two.

The Thanksgiving weekend when I was first on scene when a friend overdosed and I was grateful to have been where I was when I was so I could help.

The Thanksgiving dinner I helped cook and serve in France, where, of course, they do not celebrate American Thanksgiving.

Getting food poisoning. (See above.)

My first turkey, which I cooked with the innards still inside. (First and last time.)

Our first Thanksgiving in our current house during which we learned that temperature was arbitrary for our totally cool and amazing antique Frigidaire stove.

The Thanksgiving dinner at which my baby brother and SIL surprised everyone with their new baby girl.

A few years until this one of Thanksgiving dinners over at the Jamestown with Grandma Jacobs and Uncle Hilton.

This year was good.

Followed today by one of my new favorite Thanksgiving traditions, getting together the day after with my friends Christy and Tressa in The Basin.

I am thankful for good family and good friends and for the understanding I have that these associations are not accidental or temporary.