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I love:

That Sunday evening I attended a delightful and delicious Ben & Jerry’s tasting party. It was a brilliant idea and a super great time, which proves once again that I have the very best friends!

That earlier that earlier this week I was on the phone helping out one of my favorite account managers when he told me tbat the account manager next to him wanted to speak with me. He passed the phone to her. I was expecting her to need my assistance as well, but no:

“I just wanted to let you know that it’s our guy here’s birthday today!”

She transferred me back to Rich and I was so happy to be able to tell him “Happy Birthday!” I would have felt awful to have spoken with him on his birthday and not known. I truly love the people with whom I work, many whom I’ve never met in person, but who treat me with love, respect, courtesy and appreciation every single day.

That while in St. George last weekend eating up the beauty that is Snow Canyon I wondered aloud if the people who saw that red-rock panorama every day ever took it for granted. Someone responded, “Well, it’s probably just like us and where we live. I thought abou tit and realized that I rejoice every morning in the beauty that is Timp, who greats me first thing from my bedroom window. I am greatful that I don’t take the beauties of this earth for granted.

Speaking of beauty, tonight I asked my MIL how her hair was growing back. She took off her wig to show me. I am grateful for fhe medical advancements that give both of our moms a fighting chance against breast cancer and for eyes that see true beauty not as the shallow world sees it but for what it really is. Barbara’s wig is pretty, but her face is just as beautiful to me under the super short dark scalp-hugging new hair that signifies recovery from the cell-killing properties of chemotherapy as it is framed by the full styled wig she received before she started treatments. I feel the same way about my own mother who is about two months behind Barbara in the treatment and recovery process.

And, finally, that when I asked the family if they had any requests for pie tomorrow Zack was ready with “Sour cream lemon! I’ve been waiting two whole years for that!” (I honestly thought he did not miss me. And maybe he didn’t, but at least he missed my pie.)