Frankenstein’s Castle

I’m proud to announce we were once again the winners of the office Halloween decorating contest. This year’s theme was Frankenstein’s Castle. My pics don’t do it justice, but, as always, no one knows how to run a theme into the ground like the Profiling Department.

This is one of my favorite parts. Props to my friend LaRee. These notes and diagrams were spread throughout the room in various scenes. Her dad is a doctor, so she’s got the doctor’s mad handwriting down.

This is the door to our department manager’s office. When we took the Halloween decorations down, we left this up. It may stay on year-around.

Frank. Not pictured very well, the bloody tablecloth under him. My favorite part is the rusty bloody saw.

Not pictured very well, more mad scribbles from the mad Dr. Frankenstein.

Pickled baby’s foot. EWWW. Apparently it can be de and then rehydrated for next year. Did I say EWWW?

Once again, not pictured very well, mad Dr. notes.

We’ll do just about anything to create a mood. We are leaving the windows up for a bit, since they look so much better than the cold stark off-white of ever-closed mini-blinds

The gallery of family portraits. We’ve got some lookers in our family.