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You know. Time for my annual giveaway for the dear and faithful readers who bear with me through Nablopoblahblahblah. I just tried a new scent tonight. Gingerbread. That one won’t be ready for four weeks, but I think I’m in love. In the past couple of weeks I’ve also made Applejack Peel, Pumpkin, Green Tea Lemongrass (with a pomegranate kick), Peppermint, and Winter Grapefruit.

In any case, you know the drill. Leave me a comment for the chance to win two bars of my homemade soap. You have till Midnight on Monday, November 25th.


Reader appreciation giveaway

I believe I’ve written about my love for the Asian Market in Provo before. I short, I used to go in and talk to the proprietor about how to make my favorite Thai dishes. Her name is Kanakum Lawson. She would write the recipes down on scratch paper while patiently explaining things like what kind of rice to use with which dish and why I should buy my rice from her instead of from Costco. (I do. And she is right.)

The recipes were wonderful, but I would always lose them. So I was thrilled when she told me she had made a cookbook of her mother’s best recipes.

I bought one. It is simple, but perfect. And the dishes are as good as but mostly better than anything I’ve ever ordered at a Thai restaurant. I love it!

And then one day I was making curry and I couldn’t fine it. So I bought another one.

Several weeks ago I realized the people in my family who don’t share my love for curry were going to be away during dinner time, so I decided to make curry. I drove to 3rd South and pulled into the driveway of the market and suddenly couldn’t breathe. The market was empty. Closed. I almost cried. Then as I got nearer to the door I saw a “We’ve moved” sign and I almost cried, for joy this time. The new location is 24 North 500 West (State Street) in Provo. I quickly drove over there and was overjoyed to see what she has done with the new location, which is much larger than the previous. She’s offering classes now. And can sell her imported rice in 10-25-50 lb bags instead of 5 lb. ziplocs. While I was there, I picked up another cookbook.

For one of you.

Please leave a comment mentioning your favorite kind of curry or your favorite Thai dish by midnight Wednesday (don’t forget to leave me your email or a link to your blog), November 28. Winner will be chosen at random.

Good luck!