Fly on the wall


A younger coworker was telling us some of the things her mother said to her that she swore she would never say and that weren’t especially true.

“Don’t roll your eyes like that, they will get stuck in the top of your head!” I interjected.

Which is why I always tell my daughter,

“Do. Not. Mess. With. The. Queen.”

Because I am the Queen of the Eyeroll.

And living proof that your eyes will not, in fact, get stuck in the top of your head.

The conversation continued. We wondered about the source of the eyeroll as an expression of all that it confesses. It was decided that wherever and whenever it commenced, the originator was most certainly a teenage girl. And the conversation turned to mothers and daughters. Of course I was speaking as the mother of a 17yo daughter. And my coworker was speaking as the grownup daughter of her mother.

“It gets better,” I assured her.

“I know. My mom has gotten SO much better!” she replied.

Perspective is everything.



Conversation around the dinner table happened upon the ending of sentences in a preposition.

“So you can’t end your sentence in ‘of.'”

“And you can’t end your sentence in ‘from.'”

“So you shouldn’t say ‘Where are you from.'”

“But it sounds a bit pretentious to say, ‘From where are you?'”

“From where hail you?”

“From whence hail thee?”

“Fine. How about, ‘Just where the h3LL are you from?'”