Snow Day

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, we saw a lot more rain than snow. In fact, we just saw a good deal of rain, period. We were those towns at which Utahns like to poke fun because just a skiff of snow is cause for a Snow Day. Which was the source of two family traditions:

First, it was customary for my mother, who was always up first, to announce the snow with Christmas carols playing loudly through the house. Now that I think about it, it seems odd that it never started snowing during the day. I just remember waking up to Christmas carols on the rare morning of a Snow Day. I wanted to carry on that tradition, and I have. But it’s gotten a bit tricky in recent years. It seems (at least until this year) that snow was later and later or rarer and rarer and sometimes it was so close to Christmas I just had to start playing the Christmas music without the snow. I’ll tell you this, though: ┬áthere is no better mood setter for Christmas music than the backdrop of a winter wonderland

Second, and with great anticipation, we set about trying to ascertain whether or not the schools would close, thus making it a true Snow Day. I grew up in before we had texting, cell phones, email, Internet or local morning news on TV. We relied on the local radio stations to announce which districts would be closing for that day. We lived a good 6 miles out of town which was another good 20 miles out of the city that housed the local station (in other words, we were down at the bottom of the totem pole and couldn’t always even be sure they would bother mentioning our district). So we had all the radios on the house on and would listen unabashedly hopefully for the name of our district.

Of course now I live in Utah we can get inches and actual feet and my kids have no concept of a Snow Day.

It’s a good thing today was Saturday, so I could call the Snow Day myself!

Friday it rained, it slushed, it hailed. And then it began to snow

(Still Friday) My excitement built as the snow finally started sticking on the ground!

A hush fell on the neighborhood as the snow started to accumulate. It was a cold and quiet night, but the brightness of the snow kept the dark away. We woke up to this today!

I hearby declare it Snow Day!