Angel friends

Some of you may remember when I got a phone call one Saturday morning several months ago. It was from a woman from the St. George area, whom I’d never met. She was somewhat distraught as she informed me that her son was my Zack’s companion in England and that they had been robbed. She assured me I needn’t worry, Zack hadn’t lost anything of value. But her son, who was due to come home in just a couple of weeks, had lost his wallet, ID, money, camera and was in immediate need of assistance. She wasn’t asking for money, but she was wondering if she mailed me a check if I could put the money in Zack’s account and he could make sure it got to her son so he coule replace what he needed. I told her I would be happy to help and that in fact, if she would tell me the amount she was sending, I would deposit the money immediately.

I mentioned something about the incident in social media and immediately offers to help came pouring in. Before I knew it, my kind and generous friends, neighbors and family–including many of you–had donated enough money to replace everything Zack’s companion needed. The next week, when I informed his mother I would be returning her check she was undone. Turns out their family was in the middle of some serious financial difficulties and the donations were more of a blessing than any of us could have imagined. Her gratitude was sincere and overwhelming, but I assured her that it was a blessing for those who had had the opportunity to serve.

A few weeks ago, I was debating a trip to St. George this weekend for Lindsay’s last softball tournament. Since I was just returning from a weekend in Idaho, I had decided to stay home. That evening Zack showed me a wedding announcement we’d received while I was away. It was for this same companion. He was inviting us to his wedding reception the same weekend as Lindsay’s tournament. I quickly changed my mind and we planned to surprise him by actually showing up at the reception.

The look on his face was priceless first as he recognized Zack, then as he realized I am Zack’s mother.

I got to meet his mother, who called me her angel, and his father. Both are still so incredibly grateful not just towards me, but towards all of you. It was worth making the trip just for those few moments together and for the opportunity to put faces to the names we had loved and prayed over months earlier.

Thank you again and with all my heart for being being the angels you were to this family. It was a blessing in my life to be a part of it.