An old scorecard of my mom’s photo credit Emily Rowley

I enjoy playing games!

When I was a kid someone–I’m pretty sure it was my dad–drilled holes in an slab of particle board topped with formica (or something) and made us a sturdy Aggravation game board. My family got a lot of mileage out of that industrial strength game board.

My mom also enjoyed Rack-O and Mille Bornes (which was a favorite of mine long before I learned to speak French). But her favorite was Yahtzee!

Yahtzee! (I’m pretty sure the exclamation point is mandatory) is cool because it’s so portable. At one point I meant to put a bag of dice and a score sheet (which is replicable on blank paper) in my 72-hour kit. (Along with 2 pigs for Pass the Pigs and a couple of jacks sets.)

In any case Mom loved playing and while I did play many a round with her and I work at not living with regrets, I do wish I’d have played a few more rounds with her.

Luke and Emily had an interest in playing games as well and inherited a number of her board games (which is where Emily came across the above), and have since collected a few of their own. Before James got so grown up as to be awake the whole time during their visits with us, we used to play Settlers of Catan and Pandemic. Pandemic is my favorite.

Someday James will be big enough to play games and I will let him win at Candy Land (hopefully more readily than I let my kids beat me, as I was awfully slow letting go of my competitive nature).

Speaking of winning, is it too soon to pat myself on the back for having made it just over halfway through November?! It’s been a few long years since I’ve been able to really put my mind to this daily write. It feels good! 🙂

NaBloPoMo November 2016