Swallow it down

Last night, shortly before my nightly visit to the insomniac cafe, I had two dreams about work. One was about my former job and the other was about my current job. In the first dream I went back to visit my friends at my former place of employment, as I occasionally do, only this time no one remembered me. In fact, they wondered why I was there. It was a bit uncomfortable. Oddly enough, as I woke up I remember thinking about some of my friends from that job with whom I keep in touch. I wondered in particular about an account manager, one of those who, over time, became a good friend, even though we’ve never met in person. I realized I hadn’t seen him around on Facebook, and, for some reason, I thought about his birthday, and wondered if I’d missed it.

Moments later, as I was searching for a *TED talk to lecture me back to sleep, I happened to check my Facebook in time to see a post from him that was minutes old. In it, the thanked everyone for the birthday wishes. I’d missed it by about 4 hours. I wished him Happy (belated) Birthday and hoped the thought, powered by my own psychic hotline, counted.

The aftermath of the second dream, the one about my current job, was a little more psycho than psychic. Apparently I have unresolved issues with some of the politics there. Fortunately it was less depressing in the light of day and my coworkers were amused.

In other, and not completely unrelated news, I keep intending to write down the song that is in my head when I wake up. For quite some time Alanis Morissette woke me up commanding me to “Swallow it down (what a jagged little pill).” Then, recently, Michael Jackson keep asking if Annie was ok. (I worry she’s not so much.) Once in awhile I get a hymn or a primary song, but usually it’s some random, if not disturbing, pop song.


note: I love TED talks when I’m awake, too.