Mindbending tacos

tacos without rulesI’m kind of fond of places that use rules loosely

A couple of weekends ago I was out of town with Lindsay when I got a random text from Zack:

Zack: Have you been to 180 Tacos?

Me: No.

Zack: One of the best places I’ve ever eaten.

The conversation continued when I got back in town the next day, because Zack was still raving about that meal. He went there with one of his former mission companions, Dave. In the past the three of us have enjoyed talking about good places to eat around town when I had a great time introducing them to a couple of new places that popped up while they were serving in England. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Dave–maybe almost a year even. Zack told me today that the funniest part was when Dave pulled up to meet him at 180 tacos the first thing Dave said,

Why didn’t you bring your mom?

I love that.

So today when I was picking Zack up to come hang out with us for the day (he does that, isn’t that fun?), I mentioned I was hungry and he asked if I wanted to go to 180 Tacos. I did. We got there early, which was great, because Zack said it’s usually really busy. It was good because I had time to take a look at the menu and figure out where to start. The menu is organized by a handful of different “genres” of tacos, if you will. I decided to go for one of each. (They’re street tacos, so plan on trying at least 3.) You have your choice of corn or flour tortillas. Then you choose which of about three different tacos per genre. I chose the steak asada, the chile orange shrimp, and the mojo roasted pork. As I placed my order I was already thinking about which ones I want to try next (the answer is you always get at least one chile orange shrimp and I really, really want to try the salted cod fritters). Oh, and when they ask you what you want on your taco, the answer is always, “Everything.”

The service was friendly and quick. Everything about this place is simply all about the food, and I can live with that. Because the tacos I tried were delicious in every way. The ingredients are fresh. The flavors and simple. The variety and mix of flavors is original and, well, mindbending. And you should go eat at 180tacos.

tacosTop to bottom: steak asada, chile orange shrimp, roasted pork mojo

Thanks Zack!