notes to self

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 11.22.23 PMIt’s been far too long. Long enough I’m more apprehensive than excited. At least for now…

Don’t forget to put the glue traps in all the basement windows before you go. And water your plants.
Disinfectant wipes. Check.
EmergenC. Check.
Ibuprofen. Check.

Remember to bring your cell phone charger.
Find your cordless charger and actually remember to charge it before you go.
Please tell me you did not give your mini crossbody bag to D.I., because it’s going to be so awkward getting your wallet out of your backpack everywhere you go.
Don’t forget your CPAP. Thank GOODNESS they are so much lighter and smaller now. Too back you can’t afford the mini. That would be AWESOME!

Find that list of top 10 cheese boards in D.C. Figure out the best noodle house in Chinatown. Figure out when and where to grab some good seafood on the fly. Maybe for lunch before you catch the plane home Friday. (Please bless I get bumped and can stay another day!)

Laundry done tonight so your line-dries will be dry in the morning. Check.
Headphones. Check.
Water bottle to empty tomorrow so you can carry it empty on the plane. Check.

Remember to download some podcasts for the plane, just in case the entertainment system isn’t working. Four hours and 15 minutes.

Hydrate super well tomorrow so you can endure dehydrating yourself Wednesday so you can minimize awkward trips to that tiny gross box of a thing they call the airplane restroom.

Make sure to check with your brother about Diamond Parking.

Check in, 10 hours away.

Get some sleep. Two hour time differences hit hard.