Fin de November

It’s just minutes before midnight and I find I am wrapping up this month of blog posts much like I started–rushed, by the skin of my teeth, and not exactly sure I have anything to say.

It’s been a good day, so I’ll just finish with a quick recap:

Trader Joe’s opened in Utah today. I didn’t go to the grand opening. But my SIL is coming next week and we are going to go check it out. I just hope that leaves them enough time to restock the shelves with an adequate supply of Peppermint Joe Joes.

Just found out my minivan needs another $1500+ of work. This after replacing the brakes and rotors just two weeks ago. Sometimes I wonder if you are going to have to come up with enough money for payments for repairs, maybe you just ought to be making payments on a better car?

Came home from the shop to find one of our hens (the black one that’s blind in one eye) being used as a chew toy by our puppy. Not the dog’s fault–it’s what she’s been bred to do. The hen was shaken; her neck is pretty raw. Shane isn’t sure her feathers will grow back. Right now the trick will be to keep her safe from the other hens, who will, if they see her injury, become rather peckish. I hope she will be just fine.

Enjoyed my time home today: baking (banana muffins), cleaning (bathrooms, kitchen and dining room–lots of dishes), and cooking (a good 6+ quarts of homemade chili – had to send an entire gallon with Kyle for the scout campout at Fish Lake). Loved a litte more time with my kids as they came and went. Cheered by the Christmas music I turned on after Thanksgiving. Also enjoyed a walk with my friend Nancy. Finally, the rains came. That always makes for a happy day.

Finally–it’s been a sweet ride. Thanks for reading.

Bring it, December!

And Happy Holidays to you (you the readers, not December) and yours.

*note: in case you were keeping track, this was published at 11:59 on Nov. 30. I just realized my blog is not in the correct time zone. Ah well.