Five things I will forever love:

Red rocks

Stormy skies

The smell of rain on pavement

That feeling you get when you show up for someone, especially when they least expect it

Jammies and a nice warm bed.


There are no little things

This morning during what was my second bout of insomnia of the day, I heard movement in the house and realized I wasn’t the only one not sleeping. It was only about twenty to six and generally no one else is up at that time, so I went out to investigate. I walked out into the living room and watched as my oldest son drove off into the cold of before dawn.

I went back to bed, and about an hour later went down to do some laundry and I saw this:

Luke, who does not live at our house currently, is not a morning person (few in my family are). But over the past several weeks he has been getting up very early (generally after staying up way too late) to go pick up his fiancee, Emily, from her all-nighter 12-hour shift as a CNA at a local rehabilitation facility. I imagine he does this so she doesn’t have to drive home, tired and alone. He then brings her to our house (which, as crazy as it might get–especially trying to get kids off to school, happens to still be quieter than an apartment of girls at BYU) to sleep.

It’s just been a few weeks since Luke and Emily dropped by the house to announce they were engaged. We love Emily and are excited to have her as part of our family–as Luke’s wife, our daughter, and sister to Zack, Lindsay and Kyle.

I hope and pray that 5, 10, 15, 25 and 50 years from now–long after the newness of courtship has passed and even when life is crazy, busy or even hard–Luke will still be mindful and thoughtful of Emily. That he will still find ways to help make her days better.

Doing so will make both their lives better.